Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Here comes Charlie's facial expression


Here comes adam's body and his facial expression. Too bad Adam is out of the project now. His body will be adjust to Charlie's body.


Here are a few extras in the story.

The butche

Here comes the butcher’s body and facial expression.

The town center is in working progresses

The town center is in working progresses right now, and it still needs a lot of works. It has so many details need to add. I guess I will spend lots time on texturing it in August………Well, I hope I can finish all model by end of August………really hope that will happen.

Final turkey model

Modeling the turkey is actually easy then I thought, but I run in so many troubles when I skinning it. I still can’t figure out how to make its eye lid open and close properly and smoothly………by the way, his toes are actually human characters’ fingers…..well, it works well.

Sketch of the turkey

Here is a sketch of the turkey.

Chicken study

Well, I need a few reference pictures so I can model my turkey character. I made the chicken in sit down and run poses. This study help out a lot and it makes the modeling processes faster. However, the facial blend shape drives me crazy. Too much works actually. Anyway, it is kind of fun to work with this chicken..... or turkey character. I watched "Finding Nemo (the bird)" for facial shape reference as well.