Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Get going now!

After five months of struggling with my graduate school works (first semester). I finally ready to get back to the PACO project. I got two new team members this time. Jared Price and Jim Ward. Both of them are fantastic animators and that is just what this project really need. We have been working on the revision of the storyboard. We have pretty much settle down all the shots and story. Now, we are in the character testing process, which is very difficult for me to fix all the rigging problems that all characters have. Our next big step is to have a solid animation layout. This project is under the animation phase, so animation will be the main focus until end of this year. Anyway, more story and animation progresses will be posted in here pretty soon. I will also come up with a project timeline by next week.

Here is a simple PACO animation test