Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Act1 Preview

It is an animation preview (Render Blast) for PACO animated short. It is the act 1. The act 2, 3, 4 and 5 should be completed by mid of next month. I spent few days to organize the render layers and render setting for these shots. Render setting in these shots have been nightmare. It is very easy to forget to turn "on" or "off" things. However, I glad that I was able to add soft body simulation on chicken's head top (can you tell me what is that call in English?), neck and their tail feather. I will add feather dropping animation in some shots and an animatable rigged feather in the last shots. The rigged feather will fly away and the camera will follows it until it reaches the main scene, the tiny town scene. Critiques are appreciated, thanks.

Motion Blur test

I use motion blur in render setting, however, the diffuse pass does not match with the occulsion pass. Therefore, I might need to find a plug-in or software to make the motion blur in post.